Top 3 Relaxing Mobile Games for Minimalists

Not everyone likes action-packed, heavyweight games. These are some addictive, calming games with soft background music for these tough times to help you take a step out of your problems and relax.



As the name suggests, Stack is a game where you progressively stack bars until you complete particular levels. It has extremely minimalistic graphics and simplistic game design. The music isn't in-your-face and overall has the ability to suck you into it fully. But don't let this fool you. Stack is by no means an easy game to get through. As you succeed, the speed of stacking blocks increases and it gets more and more difficult to perfectly stack the bars. This is what makes it so addictive.

Once you finish a level, it shows you your whole progress as a tower and its minimalistic style is satisfying to look at. The colors are dim and soothing and keep changing in a rhythmic order. The best way to play this game is by using earphones so you can follow the rhythm of each tile stacking, so when the speed increases you're able to adapt.

Stack is available both on Android and iOS Devices.


Outfolded is a puzzle game without exactly being a puzzle game. It is an endless minimalist game where you have to fold shapes to move ahead in your journey of paving a path forward. It might seem a bit tricky at the start, but once you get the hang of it, you won't be able to put it down. Because of its high satisfaction index, this too is a feel-good game.

Outfolded is available both on Android and iOS Devices.


Zenge is a beautiful puzzle game with a twist, not only the shape of the arrangement matters but also its pattern. It might be the trickiest of all these games and will take some getting used to. The background music is extremely calming and will ease everyone who's playing it. But remember that this game does have a tendency to get tedious after the first couple rounds, but once you figure out the pace of the game, you'll fly through it. There are no points to the game as it only strives to be an immersive experience with engaging audio and striking and gentle art.

Zenge is available both on Android and iOS Devices.