Exos Heroes – A massive RPG game is out now To Play

Late last year, Exos Heroes a massive RPG game arrived on mobile but only in Korea. It was a success, and it has won a ticket to the global app stores. This game can now be downloaded in 149 countries. This is a gacha RPG with stunning, console-quality graphics in the very likely event you haven’t heard of it before.



The gameplay has you explore the Exos World, a vast globe of fantasy consisting of five different kingdoms. The dramatic, high fantasy plot includes the assassination of an emperor and the theft of an ancient sword, Exestruk.

Zeon, the hunter, and Iris are drawn into this horrible situation. They take the whole thing out to the skies in an ancient airship.

Story is one of the strong suits of the series, with every chapter adding new characters and surprises that hold you on the edge of your seat all the way. It’s a true romp in imagination, and the creations in hand-drawn protagonists-taken with Harmony to 3D reality-help carry it all to reality.

Of reality, it’s not about them. Exos Heroes have more than 200 heroes to call into the unit. All wonderfully made and fitted with their own special abilities and attributes.

Meanwhile, in terms of game-play, Exos Heroes features turn-based fighting and a variety of different modes, ranging from mini-games to scenario quests. There’s even a Guardian Stone program that incorporates a machine ‘bending’ book.

In-Game Stuffs:

Exos Heroes allows you to break an enemy, massively decreasing their resilience and exposure and vulnerability to it. At which point, ram your point home with an ultimate skill, accompanied by a gloriously over-the-top animation, is always funny.

You can summon heroes away from the battlefield, tweak your team, and chat with other players. The other players will cleverly leave scores for heroes, helping you select which ones to wear.

Exos Heroes poster

To celebrate the global release, LINE Games gives all new players 70,000 Gold, 300 Xes, 17 Golden Clocks (equal to the value of 17 Draws), as well as an exclusive Iris Fatecore.


In addition, to all these freebies there will be a number of Grand Open in-game events, all of which will reward you every day if you complete different missions.

The Exos Heroes is a fantastic gacha RPG in Korea with loyal followers. And now by uploading the game to Google Play and the App Store you can partake in the fun.