Call of Duty Mobile Juggernaut Mode: Everything You Must Know

Call of Duty Mobile Juggernaut Mode will be a time-limited game mode that will be first featured in COD Mobile Season 8. In this mode, six players enter in a match, and the player who first reaches 30 Kills with XS1 Goliath wins the game.


Today in this post, we will first explain what exactly this new Juggernaut Mode is, and then we will give you some tips and tricks to win every time in this mode. So let's Begin:

What is COD Mobile Juggernaut Mode?

Juggernaut Mode will be a time-limited game mode in COD Mobile; It will be first featured in Season 8 of the game. In this game mode, a maximum of 6 players can play.

The most important thing to keep in mind about this mode is that the player who can get 30 kills from XS1 Goliath before others win the match.

At the start of the match, one player is randomly selected, and he then becomes XS1 Goliath. As XS1 Goliath, you aim to keep killing other players as much as you. While as other players, you intend to break down this Xs1 Goliath.

The most important thing here is to take note that the player who kills the XS1 Goliath then becomes the XS1 Goliath, and the rounds keep going until one of the players gets's 30 Kills using the machine.

How To Win in COD Mobile Juggernaut Mode?

As mentioned before, the first player who can get 30 kills using XS1 Goliath wins the match.

Tips and Tricks For Winning in COD Mobile Juggernaut Mode:

For XS1 Goliath Player:

  • Avoid Going in Open Area and Stick to Spawn Areas.
  • Do not take fights against multiple enemies at the same time.
  • Scope and Shoot for precise shots and higher damage.
  • Regularly collect chests to gain boosters.

For Normal Players:

  • Avoiding Going Alone.
  • Attack XS1 Goliath in Groups.
  • Stay Near Cover.
  • Shoot XS1 and Come back to cover, Keep repeating the same.
  • Make sure to get the last hit on XS1 goliath.
  • Collect Chests whenever possible.

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What should You keep in mind while playing Juggernaut Mode:

Always keep in mind that since in this game, no scorestreaks and operator skills are allowed, so it's mostly about your gun skills and aiming skills, but the most essential factor in the game is the chests that spawn randomly in a gap of some minutes.

As a Normal player, you can get War Machine in one of these chests, which can bring the game to your favor. As XS1 Goliath, it can bring you health packets, which will help you live longer.