PUBG Mobile Lite: Latest Update 0.17.0 brings Payload Mode and much more

The latest update of PUBG Mobile Lite is now live. It has introduced many much-wanted features to the game. This update is a step towards bridging the gap between the Lite and Original versions of the games. Here we list some of the many features added to PUBG Mobile Lite with 0.17.0 update.


Payload Mode

Payload Mode is one of the most popular Battle Royale modes in PUBG Mobile. It was introduced back in October 2019 with the 0.15.0 update. However, this mode has been missing on PUBG Mobiles Lite for a few months leading to many players missing out on the fun. Not anymore!!!

With update 0.17.0, Tencent has added one of the many missing features to PUBG Mobile Lite – Payload Mode. The Payload Mode on PUBG Mobile lite has all the features and gameplay from the original version of the game so players need not worry about missing out on something.

Payload Mode is known for its action-packed gameplay. Players can fly helicopters and attack opponents leading to a war on both land and air. Additionally, weapons that can destroy a helicopter namely rocket launchers, grenade launchers are also available to players.

Other weapons added to the game with Payload Mode include M134 Heavy Machine gun, surface to air Missiles. Additionally, now players can also repair their cars using vehicle repair kits. Another interesting feature added will be the Airtstrike Beacon using which players can initiate an assault on the enemies.

A new vehicle will also be available – the BRDM-2 Tank This tank can be obtained by using a flare gun. The BRDM-2 tank can run on both land and water. In addition, it also has bulletproof tires.

Companion System

With this update, the players will also have access to the much talked about Companion system from PUBG Mobile. With this mode, you can have a pet companion in the game which will be visible only to you and your teammates.

While currently these pets are only decorative and don’t have much use in the game, it is still good to see that the system was added to PUBG Mobile Lite.

The 0.17.0 update also brings new bonus challenges, new in-game rewards, and a new spawn island for the players. Following the latest update of PUBG Mobile Lite, players can now feel much closer to playing the original version.

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