Kick Flight Game Review: A Game Where You Are Free To Fly

Kick-Flight is an action game maintained and developed by Grenge Inc. There is not much information about this developer on the play store. It seems like they have not developed many games. Apparently, they have made two games, including Kick-Flight. Also, they make Anime styled graphic games.


Well, the first impressions of this game are super awesome! Especially for the people who are interested in Anime, this game's graphics will make you want to download it and give a try at least one time. This is an action game with a rising concept of team battle action. You team up with 3 other players to fight in a 4v4 online multiplayer match.

Game Play

The main objective of this game is to collect as many crystals as you can and increase the points for your teams. The team with the most points when the clock runs out will win. The best feature of this game is that it enables 360-degree gameplay, and you can fly in any direction and move freely.

You have to gather crystals and then go to your team's point to submit them. If you kill one of the opponents, then you will get their crystals, so you have to be careful. There are a variety of kickers to choose from, and every kicker has its own attributes and weaknesses. You can also collect various types of discs that have different special qualities that help you in battle.

There are healing, defense, and attack discs with different strengths. The more powerful the disc is, the more its cooldown time. There is also a rarity to discs like ultra-rare, rare and common. There is Three-Dimensional Aerial action, which gives you complete freedom to fly in any direction you want to. This is the only type of battle currently available in the 4v4 real-time battle, which lasts for 3 minutes.

Although there are also unique acrobatic moves and stimulated floating experience, which gives you the joy of flying. The style of your fighting will depend upon the combination of your characters, skill, and strategy. It's really an amazing game, one of the best rising concepts I've seen, and a perfect balance between difficulty and fun, but there is room for improvement.

As it's a multiplayer game, it definitely needs a voice chat and ping system; the ping system is an absolute must because you need to communicate with your team. Also, matchmaking time is too long, and it takes around 5 minutes to find a match, the matches itself are of 3 minutes. Also, the controls are a little hard to grasp at first, but you get used to it.

Kick Flight is a free to play title available to download on both Android and iOS devices from the Google Play Store and App Store, respectively.