Call of Duty Mobile: Top 5 Tips And Tricks To Keep In Mind While Playing Multiplayer Mode

Call of Duty Mobile has just been globally released and players are really enjoying this brand new shooter mobile game. Call of Duty Mobile has 3 Main Game modes namely: Zombie Mode, Multiplayer Mode, and Battle Royale Mode. Out of the three, Multiplayer Mode is the most played mode. And today in this post we are going to share with you Top 5 Call of Duty Mobile Multiplayer Mode Tips and Tricks, which you should know to easily win your next match. So let's Begin:

Here are the Top 5 Call of Duty Mobile Multiplayer Mode Tips and Tricks You Should Know:

Don't Stand Still

This is probably the most important thing to keep in mind, you will never want to stand still in a Shooting game, as it makes you an easy target for your enemy (especially for the snipers). Always keep moving, sliding and jumping during gunfights.

Use the Weapon XP card

Don't be miser, you will get weapons XP card after ever match. So as soon as you get a new weapon, use all Weapon XP cards to max the level of the weapon. Because you will easily get more Weapon XP Card when you play, so what's the use? Just use them and save yourself some time from maxing your weapon.

Understand the Maps

It's probably the most important tips, we can tell you guys. Until and unless you learn the maps by heart don't expect to win at high ranks. But don't you worry there are only 5 Maps in the Multiplayer Mode of Call of Duty Mobile, so it should barely take you 30-40 Random maps to understand all the maps.

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Every Weapon Is Useful

If you are someone who is sticking to just one Weapons (Let me guess is it M4?), then don't be that players. Every map is good for some kind of weapon, for example, Snipers are best for Crossfire, while riles and SMGs are best for Hijacked. So try all the weapons and understand which type of weapon you should use in what map.

Kill, Die And Repeat

The last and most important thing to keep in mind, don't worry about dying, it's just a game. Go take the fight, Kill and die. That is why casual game mode is for, understand the game, the controls and when you think you are ready them jump into Ranked matches for some tough action.

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