PUBG Mobile: Get 1800 UC for Free - Bonus Challenge Guide

The Unknown Cash (UC) currency is one of the most difficult to obtain but useful currency for PUBG Mobile. Using UC you can buy various skins, outfits, and even the Royal Pass. In short, getting UC in PUBG Mobile is one of the best rewards a player can obtain.

Generally, you need to buy UC using real money and it costs a lot. However, PUBG has also provided the players an opportunity to obtain free UC. This can be done by playing the Bonus Challenge. Up to 1800 UC can be earned if you follow this guide.


What is the Bonus Challenge in PUBG Mobile?

The Bonus Challenge is an in-game event in which you can register yourselves using Bonus Challenge vouchers. It can be found in the Tournament Center in PUGB Mobile by clicking on the 'trophy icon' beside the Start button.

You get the first voucher for free using which you can enter a match and consequently earn more vouchers. Additionally, based on your tier, you will be given free vouchers every week. These can be found in the Weekly Report section of the game.

The Bonus Challenge has a rewards system under which the player earns points based on his performance in the match. These points get him battle coins which can then be exchanged for various rewards including free UC.


The Bonus Challenge is only available as a classic match in Erangel or TDM Warehouse. Additionally, for a classic match, you can choose to play a Solo or Squad game.

Classic Erangel Match

This is the usual classic game as you play in PUBG. You will earn battle coins based on the number of points you have at the end of each match. Based on the level of the Bonus Challenge, there are three different reward tiers.

Novice Level

  • Entry: 1 Bonus Challenge Voucher
  • 1 Kill = 15 Points
  • Chicken Dinner = 200 Points (Squad), 300 Points (Solo)
  • Max. Reward: 1040 Battle Coins (Squad), 1185 Battle Coins

Adept Level

  • Entry: 2 Bonus Challenge Voucher
  • 1 Kill = 30 Points
  • Chicken Dinner = 450 Points (Squad), 1000 Points (Solo)
  • Max. Reward: 2130 Battle Coins (Squad), 2770 Battle Coins (Solo)

Expert Level

  • Entry: 3 Bonus Challenge Voucher
  • 1 Kill = 45 Points
  • Chicken Dinner = 700 Points (Squad), 1500 Points (Solo)
  • Max. Reward: 3220 Battle Points (Squad), 4155 Battle Coins (Solo)

TDM Warehouse Match

The Bonus Challenge also allows players to participate in TDM matches. Compared to the Classic match, the awards are lesser. But if you want to earn some quick Battle Coins, this is the mode to choose.


Novice Level

  • Entry: 1 Bonus Challenge Voucher
  • 1 Kill = 3 Points
  • Winner = 120 Points
  • Max. Reward: 240 Battle Coins

Adept Level

  • Entry: 2 Bonus Challenge Voucher
  • 1 Kill = 6 Points
  • Winner = 240 Points
  • Max. Reward: 480 Battle Coins

Expert Level

  • Entry: 3 Bonus Challenge Voucher
  • 1 Kill = 9 Points
  • Winner = 360 Points
  • Max. Reward: 720 Battle Coins


The Battle Coins that you collect by playing the Bonus Challenge can then be used at the exchange shop. Here you can exchange them for tons of rewards such as UC packs, outfits, skins. The rewards refresh each week. The cost of the UC packs are listed below:

  • 100 UC Pack = 1000 Battle Coins
  • 300 UC Pack = 3000 Battle Coins
  • 500 UC Pack = 5000 Battle Coins

Each pack can be bought twice. Thus you can get upto 1800 UC for free just by playing the Bonus Challenge. The Royal Pass costs 600 UC and so can be obtained easily by this method without paying real money.


Most of the players playing this challenge will be PUBG pros. So be sure to play the game carefully and don't underestimate your opponents if you want to get battle coins.

As you can see by the above distribution, a classic match gives way more Battle Coins than TDM. Hence, it is recommended that you play the classic match. Additionally, your focus should be to get a better rank than getting more kills, since position points are a lot more than kill points in the challenge.

Hope you earn as much UC as you want using this guide. Keep playing and stay tuned to Mobile Mode Gaming for the latest updates.