PUBG Mobile India Series 2020: Registrations Open - How to Register Guide

PMIS 2020 has officially opened up for registrations on 6 May 2020. The tournament is open for all PUBG players and not only pro-teams. Here we look at the eligibility criteria and the details regarding the process of registration. This is a highly detailed guide so as to help all players participate in the tournament without making any mistakes during registration which could lead to disqualification.


According to the official rulebook of PMIS 2020 which can be found on the official PUBG Mobile India site, these are the criteria for anyone who wants to register for the tournament:

  • Age - A player must be 18 years or older to participate in the tournament. However, players between the age of 16 and 18 can also participate if a parent or legal guardian accepts the rules of the tournament on his/her behalf. The parent will need to use a parental consent form provided by the organizers to give consent to such a player.
  • Ranking - only players who hold a rank of platinum V or above in PUBG Mobile for any mode (TPP or FPP) can register for the tournament. This means that every member of the team must be a platinum rank holder or above and not just the captain.
  • Multiple Teams - A player can only be part of one team. If he is found to play for more than one team, PMIS Officials can bar the player from playing any further matches.
  • Level Requirement - only players with level 20 or above ib PUBG Mobile can register for the tournament.

Player Names

While registering, you must also be careful of the gamer tag you are registering under. Your gamer tag/ in-game nickname must consist of your team name (or its acronym) followed by your name in the format - 'TeamNamePlayerName'.

For eg. a player named "ProSniper" playing for the team "PUBG Warriors" needs to have the game tag as - 'PUBGWarriosProSniper' or 'PWProSniper'.

Additionally, a gamer tag should not include offensive words. It should also not include names of any company, trademarks without any approval of the PMIS organizers.


Not meeting any of these criteria will lead to rejection of the gamer tag and you will have to choose an alternate one which complies with the rules. Once you set your game tag, it cannot be changed.

Other Rules

A team needs to have four members to be able to register for the tournament. Additionally, the team will always have to maintain four members during the entire tournament to be able to play in it.

The setting of the team name is also permanent at the time of registration and cannot be changed in the future. Team names and logos need to be unique and not contain any offensive words.


Additionally, players who are employees of Tencent Holdings Ltd, Krafton Inc., or the tournament organizers of PMIS 2020 also are ineligible to participate in the tournament.


To register for the tournament, you need to go to the PUBG Mobile India site. Here is the complete process of registering for the tournament. Only one player needs to register for the entire team.

Once on the site, you have to click on the 'REGISTRATION' tab and then the 'REGISTER NOW' option.

You will then be redirected to the main registration page.

The first part requires you to fill the Team Details which will also require your team logo. Make sure to comply with the rules stated above while filling these details. If there is no Team Owner, then the Captain's name needs to be filled in that section. It is recommended that the mobile number, email address, and city should also be filled according to your team captain's details.

After clicking Next, you will need to fill your Captain's Details. As part of ID proof, you can submit the Aadhar card, Passport, Driving License. The in-game Name needs to be filled in according to the rules stated above.

The details for the rest of the players in the team need to be filled similarly. Finally, you need to click the 'SUBMIT' option to complete the process.

In case you have made any mistake while filling the details, you can change them through a link you receive before the registration period ends.

Stay Tuned to Mobile Mode Gaming for more news related to PMIS 2020. Hope you have a great time. Happy Gaming!!!