Free Fire: Get free characters from these events !

Garena Free Fire will be launching a new update very soon. Now they have made an in-game announcement about the Kapella patch which will be out soon.


Also, there are certain events have been introduced which rewards players with paid characters for free. The players will also have the chance of winning tokens with some other rewards.

Get Free Characters in Free Fire:

This event started on 30th March and will be available till 12th April. The players need to simply login during this period to get free characters and character level cards. Here are the things the players need to do to get the characters.

  • Login for one day to get 'Nikita'
  • Logging in for three consecutive days will get you 'Moco'
  • Login for five consecutive days to get 'Miguel'
  • Logging in for eight consecutive days will get you 'Rafael'
  • Login for 10 consecutive days to get 'Shani'
  • Finally, Login for 11 consecutive days to get your hands on Character Lvl. 4 Card .

Gather Patch Energy Event:

This is another event that will be running from 4th April till 6th April. In this event, the players need to shoot the patch energy core while in the game to gain it. The FF Gift Box coupons can be used to redeem rewards like Universal Fragment and Character Level Cards. To know more on the latest update click here.