PUBG Mobile: How To Make Your Car Fly In New Arctic Mode Using Drones

PUBG has recently introduced the Arctic Mode and Flying Drones in a recent update. These new features have led to a new playstyle and strategies for players in the game. However, these are not the only things that are new for the players. A fellow PUBG player Phoenix Aureo has posted a video on Reddit displaying his creativity in using these drones. Watch the video below.


As you can see, the player has collected 3 drones in Arctic mode and put them inside the car. These can then be used to make the car fly. This trick will work 100% accurately although the car appears to be unstable. The trick does defy the rules of physics in PUBG but it is a fun new thing for all players to try.

PUBG Flying Car Hack in Arctic Mode

While this a neat trick, its usefulness is yet to be figured. Additionally, finding this many drones is also a difficult challenge for any player. Anyways, do go and play the Arctic Mode and try out this feature at least once.

Many are concerned that this glitch will be fixed in a future patch as Tencent has taken notice of the feature. They have even posted a video acknowledging the glitch through a promotional video on their PUBG MOBILE Youtube channel. You can check out that fun video below.

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