PUBG Mobile Season 13 Will End On 12th July

PUBG Mobile brings a lot of new features with every Season in the game. Before two weeks, PUBG Mobile got its current Season 13 on 13th May 2020. If you are a true PUBG Mobile lover, you must have explored all the features PUBG Mobile Season 13 brought with it. 

Now you are waiting for something new that will come with PUBG Mobile Season 14. but Season 14 will come when the current Season 13 ends. So what is the PUBG Mobile Season 13 End Date?


PUBG Mobile Season 13 End Date

PUBG Mobile Season 13 was released in the game on 13th May 2020. every Season of PUBG Mobile lasts maximum for a period of two months; likely the current Season will also end after two months. So the PUBG Mobile Season 13 will end on 12th July 2020. After a gap of one day, the PUBG Mobile Season 14 will release on 14th July 2020 at 7:30 AM IST (GMT +5:30).

With the release of PUBG Mobile Season 14, a brand new Royale Pass will make its way to the game with a lot of skins, outfits, emotes, and other rewards for the players. The PUBG Mobile Season 14 Royale Pass is going to be based on 'Spark The Flame' theme. Apart from the Royale Pass rewards, there are going to be tier rewards and an exclusive 100 RP dress also as mentioned below.

  • Gold Tier: Face Mask
  • Platinum Tier: Unique Outfit
  • Diamond Tier: M24 Skin
  • Ace Tier: Season 14 Parachute
  • 100 RP Outfit: Mythic Dress

You can check out the PUBG Mobile Season 14 Royale Pass 'Spark The Flame' Leaked Rewards for more information about the Season 14 Royale Pass.

As you must know, the introduction of every PUBG Mobile new Season follows a huge update in the game. The next huge update of the game is going to be the 0.19.0 update, which will bring a lot of new things in the game such as New Gun, New Mode, New AI Marking System, etc.

The center of attraction features of the PUBG Mobile 0.19.0 update is a new map called 'Fourex'. The new map is the smallest among all the available maps and is a combination of all 4 maps already available. You can check out the complete details of the PUBG Mobile 0.19.0 Update.

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