Call of Duty Mobile To Get A New Public Test Build and Credit Store Update in Mid April

Timi Studios always time and again brings new updates in Call of Duty Mobile. And this is the reason that Call of Duty Mobile has now become one of the most popular shooting games on the mobile platform and won many awards including the award for best mobile game of 2019.


As you must be aware that every week Activision releases a Community update to discuss what's going to come next in the game, what is the future plan and what can players expect. They even discuss cheaters, how to report them, take feedback, and more.

So Activision has released it's latest Call of Duty Mobile community update, which talks about a lot of things. But we are going to focus on just 2 things. That is an upcoming COD Mobile Public Test Build and Credit Store Update.

Upcoming Call of Duty Mobile Public Test Build

Last month, Activision released its very very Public Test Build for the Call of Duty Mobile players, and now they have announced that they will release another such Public Beta in the 2nd Week of April. Most probably this upcoming Beta will be of Season 6 of Call of Duty Mobile.

It is important to note that this Public Test Build version of Call of Duty Mobile will only last for a few days and will only be available for Android users.

For the players who don't know what Call of Duty Mobile Public Test Build is, let us tell you that it is a beta version of what's coming in the next update of the game. Basically, players can test the upcoming features in the Public Test Build and provide feedback to the developers so that they can make necessary changes before introducing the update into the global version of the game.

Credit Store Update

Few new weapons will be added to the credit store update so that players can grab new items using credits. Which all items will be added in this Credit store update is still unknown.

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Few Other Upcoming Changes/update in Call of Duty Mobile You Must Know

  1. ASM 10 Balance Update
    • Slightly reduced stability
    • Increased ADS draw time
    • Slightly decreased firing speed
  2. Easter Events is now live
  3. Game Freezing Issue Fixed
  4. Black Screen Crash Fixed