Cyber Hunter Battle Royale Frequently Asked Questions

Cyber Hunter is a Brand News Battle Royale Game released by NetEase Games. The Game has been officially launched on 26th April 2019 and since then has been trending in the gaming communities.


Today in this Article, we are going to provide answer to all the Cyber Hunter Battle Royale Frequently Answers Questions. Below mentioned are the answers to Most asked question about Cyber Hunter Game.

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When will the Cyber Hunter Battle Royale Game be released globally?
Cyber Hunter Battle Royale Game is Planned to be Released Globally on 26th April 2019

What are the specifications to run Cyber Hunter?

  • Android:
    • At least 1.5G available space
    • Requires Android 4.3 or later
    • Requires OpenGL ES 3.0 or later
  • iOS:
    • Requires iOS 9.0 or later
    • Requires iPhone 5s or later/iPad mini 2 or later/iPad Air or later/iPod 6 or later

What is the customer support email address of Cyber Hunter Game?
The customer support email address is Please use this email address for support tickets and to report any hackers you may encounter.

When will the PC version be released?
The PC version is currently under development and it will be released a bit after the mobile version is globally released.

When are we going to get our preregistration rewards?
The preregistration rewards will be sent after the game is released globally.

How can I submit a support ticket from within the game?
Settings - > Customer Support - > Contact us

Are there bots in the game?
Yes. There are bots in matches when the number of online players is low or offline during matchmaking to increase the competition. The higher your level, the more difficult it is to eliminate the bots.

How does the matchmaking work? Sometimes I get matched instantly and sometimes it takes quite some time to find a match.
Matchmaking depends on various factors like your in game level, your K/O rate, number of online players of your rank, etc. When more players of your rank are online, you can find matches almost instantly. However, when fewer players of your rank are online then it takes more time to find a match.

When will the next season begin?
Whenever a Season is about to start, It will Always be informed to you a long time before-hand via in-Game notifications.

Can i use Samsung tuner to tune the game so that it runs smoothly?
NO. Usage of any software that modify the textures of the game is not allowed. Using other software/apps to modify the game is against the ToS. It will lead to permanent ban of the account.

How can I report a hacker?
If you find any hacker in game then you can report that player via the in game report system. However Please send us the picture showing the in game name of the hacker and your server and if possible a video or screenshot to our customer support :

Can we create a custom room?
As of now, this feature is unavailable. However, we may implement it in the future.

When are we going to have new game modes?
New game modes are currently in development and will be released eventually in future updates. Please stay tuned!

Will this game have any tournaments or E-Sports?
Yes. We will hold E-Sports with exciting rewards! Announcements will be made prior to any E-Sports events. Please stay tuned!

If I change my server, will my character will be transferred to that server as well?
No. Your created character is restricted to the previously played server. You will have to start over in the other server, but your old character will still remain in the old server.

Can we move our account data between IOS to Android and vice versa?
Unfortunately no, it is not possible. You will have to start over on the new device.