Free Fire Is Getting New Character 'Centaur' With OB21 Update

Free Fire is getting an OB21 update in the game, and the expected date of release is 11th April 2020. This update is going to bring a lot of new features in the game, such as new characters, a new pet, new mode, new emotes, and much more. We shared with you leaks about the Free Fire OB21 update.


Free Fire keeps on introducing new characters to the game, and they come with their special roles and skills. Their unique skills make every gameplay unique with the different characters. It's look like Free Fire is going to make a century of characters very soon (just kidding).

We told you about the two new characters: Kapella - female character, and Lucas - male character. But the recent announcement of developers on their social media handle has indicated to add one more name in the upcoming characters list. The new name is going to be 'Centaur.'

Centaur is a half-man, half-horse breed that has come out of the woods to join the clan of Free Fire. This is a mythical creature that has its origin from Greek mythology and has also been mentioned in Indian mythology. It has appeared in the various ancient arts, texts, and sculptures from all around India.

If you don't know how it looks like, let us tell you; its head, arms, and torso are of human and joined at the waist to the body and legs of a horse. The special ability of this character is that it is capable of running towards the enemy while aiming with the crossbow.

So get ready for something new in Free Fire that you have never witnessed before into the game.

[Edit: No new character called 'Centaur' is coming to Free Fire, it was just an April Fool post from the developers, By The Way 'Happy April Fool's Day']

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