Fnatic PUBG Mobile Indian Roster To Be Disbanded After PMPL

Fnatic PUBGM Roster comprising of sc0ut, Owais, Franky, Ash, Ronak, and Paritosh is set to be disbanded after PMPL SA 2020. Commenting on it, Fnatic talent manager, Victor Bengtsson mentioned PMPL SA 2020 as one last dance with the current lineup.


Fnatic was one of the top rosters in PUBGM esports with a lot of fan following. The team was formed when Fnatic hired team x roster along with Ash and Franky as an addition.

Though this news does not come as a big surprise, because there have been many disagreements amongst players and the arguments on the playing style with the coach - Aurum involved too.

Official Statement from Fnatic

The new Fnatic PUBG Mobile India lineup has not been announced yet, and it remains interesting to see which players will be included in the new roster.

Also, according to rumors, Owais has formed his own lineup with Franky, Ash, and Paritosh for PMIS.