Reventure A Comical Adventure Game Launched For iOS And Android

Reventure, a popular comical adventure is now launched for iOS and Android devices. The Pixelatto's 2D developed game was one of the popular indie games released in 2019.


It is one of the interesting RPG games where you can explore the non linear map in the game and discover multiple outcomes. Also the game boundary is very large which means there is a whole lot of outcomes that are possible. What's unique with this game is that, how it fuses fun with adventure.

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As the game progresses the you will come against many characters and many well hidden costumes. The labyrinthine world can be explored in multiple ways with help of the items you have. In addition the game also offers bombs and hook shots which can be used for unveiling mystical hidden ways.

If you are looking to kill some time then this game is the perfect bet you can rely as it has a long game play. Earlier, the game released in the Steam and has very good user rating with 95% positive responses. Obviously if you decide to give this game a try then Reventure can be downloaded from App Store and Play Store.