Silmaris is a New Strategic Board Game With RPG Adventures

Silmaris is a new digital board game where you take the helm of the fallen city of Thylla and restore the lost power of your kingdom. The game is now available on Android and iOS.


To achieve your goal you need to choose and use your advisors carefully in waging war and forming alliances or develop trade relations and explore various parts of the world and spying down on local monarchs are overthrowing them by conspiring against them. You need to choose your style of ruling whether you are going to be a hardcore ruler with an iron fist or a follower of peaceful diplomacy. You can even expect to lose your crown while making important decisions but it will be always for a good reason.


You can even send your councilors on a mission to eavesdrop on your enemies and recover precious information. You also need to be careful battles and various plots which can be done against you to topple you down. Apart from the fighting and ruling there is much more to explore in the world like spotting mysterious creature, looting hidden treasures and forgotten artifacts. There are dozens of immersive stories and unexpected twists and lastly manage your action dice and use your Fate points with care.


If you are interested in conquering the world check out Silmaris- its a premium title available on Play Store and App Store

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