Netmarble's Upcoming KOONGYA Draw Party Is a Drawing-Based Quiz for Android and iOS

KOONGYA Draw Party is a drawing based game where players will be assigned with a task to draw a picture while everyone else has to guess as quickly as possible. The game is headed on both iOS and Android on 26th March.


There are three different modes in KOONGYA the first one is called as Drawing Quiz where players will be solving drawing quizzes that are fun of puns. Next is the Adventure Quiz where players will get to explore their vicinity and find various drawing made by other people and their friends. Its just like Pokemon GO but instead the PokeStops are replaced with drawing puzzles.

Lastly there is Real-Time Quiz where a player will create a lobby of up to 8 players and who will then in turns make drawings and guess each other's quizzes. All of these modes will reward players which can be spent on making the profile look cooler! KOONGYA Draw Party is now available to pre-register on App Store and Play Store which will be a free-to-play title with in-app purchases.

koongya 2

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