Super Gigadroid is a side-scrolling shooter now available for Android and iOS

Super Gigadroid from ASSEC is a Metroid inspired side-scrolling shooter which is now available for Android and iOS devices.


The levels are spread across 3 planets which includes Earth as well and you will have to go through 12 levels in each planet fighting against various alien species. New content will be added every month to keep it fresh. There will be multiple secret passages which will contain serious rewards to be explored with various weapons and unique upgrades to be used on each level which will let you break even the hardest of the blocks or make you jump even higher.

You will also be able to collect gems that can be used to buy cool character skins like the fox which you can see in the video too. After you try out around 8 levels and if you want to unlock more levels you can buy the whole game at $19.99 which is pretty expensive but it is right now running at discounted price of $5.00.

super 2Super Gigadroid is now available on App Store and Play Store and

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