Minimum Requirements to Play Teamfight Tactics on Mobile

Mobile version of Teamfight Tactics is all set to launch globally in March 2020, and if you are wondering whether your Mobile Device will be able to support it or not, then don't worry because you will find the answer here.

So unlike Battle Royale games, which require high-end devices with at least 4 GB Rams to run the game in sports like TFT Mobile, you don't need such high spec phones. You can check the exact device minimum requirement to play TFT Mobile below.


Minimum Requirements to Play Teamfight Tactics on Mobile:

On Android: Phones running on OS5+ and 2GB of RAM and above will work well.

On iOS: Minimum requirements will be an iPhone 6S or later are supported on the Apple Side.


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Can You Play Teamfight Tactics Mobile Version on Tablet?

TFT Mobile version will not be available for Tablet users at the time of Global Launch of the game, but later tablet support will also be added. Riot stated that they need some more time to make the tablet experience and awesome one.