IGG Started Pre-Registrations Of Valiant Tales: Puzzle RPG For Android Devices

IGG is coming up with a brand new puzzle Role-Playing Game 'Valiant Tales' for mobile devices. As of now, this game is available for pre-registration on Android devices. In this game, you aim to restore the Chronosphere and reveal the truth between the gods and humans. 


This game set in the era of the battle between humans the gods. At that time, the events of present, past, and future could be recorded in a magical artifact known as the Chronosphere. However, on the eve of a battle between gods and humans, someone betrayed the gods and altered the past because of that gods were pulled into a time vortex and were never seen again. Now it is on you to uncover the truth behind what transpired.

Valiant Tales has simple controls with in-depth gameplay; you enjoy a rewarding experience when you combine the intuitive match-3 controls with some strategy. The journey through time and space and watch the beauty of land unfold before you in all time periods a Spectacular Visual Experience.

There are hundreds of talent paths to choose from; you can create a hero that is tailored for you with endless possibilities available for Hero Talents. You need to collect materials from battles and craft useful items to give your Heroes an edge in battles.

Compete with Guilds around the world in Guild Boss Battles for a chance to take on bosses and their rewards. By mastering the guild battles, you can be crowned the conqueror of space and time.

Valiant Tales: Puzzle RPG is available for pre-registration on Google Play Store.

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