Super Cat Tales 2's Upcoming Update Reveals The Return Of Brutus

Neutronized’s Super Cat Tales 2 is all set to get an update where Brutus, the fatty kitty, is all set to make a comeback and will be a playable character. Brutus was earlier playable in Super Cat Tales, and the update will roll out this Spring beside the finale of the game.


Brutus is a trendy cat among the players from the earlier iteration, and now it has made its way into the second part too. However, the developers have changed the way Brutus will work this time. Like earlier, Brutus was able to smash through the blocks by running into them, but in Super Cat Tales 2, every cat does that. But now Brutus can break the blocks by just standing on them by making use of his excess weight.

This Spring update will be a significant update since its second chapter added in April last year. Also, there will be another update that will bring the final chapter to Super Cat Tales 2, which will be released after the spring update. If you are unfamiliar with Super Cat Tale saga, it is a pure mix of cat platform fun and cat adventure where you play as various cute kitties.


Super Cat Tales 2 is available on App Store and Play Store, check it out if you love cats.

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