Butter Royale Is A Family Friendly Battle Royale Based On Food-Fight

Butter Royale makes the latest entry into the Apple Arcade game service subscription, which is focused on a kid-friendly approach, but it is still a shooter game, but the guns have been swapped out for food. Apple is pushing out some brilliant and fabulous games, and Butter Royale happens to be one.


The game is set in the near future where the whole globe follows a total ban on guns, and players will engage in food-fights on an island made of butter to satisfy their hunger for competitive action. Players will be using Nutritionally Operated Machines’ (NOMs) to shoot food at one another in a match lasting for five minutes while trying to escape floods of butter to get to safe zones.

There are various food weapons to use in this game, and some of them have a really funky name like Mayonator3000, Breadzooka, and Sniparmesan. Butter Royale also features an offline mode where you can battle with AI before entering into an online match.

A total of 32 players can compete in a five-minute match, and the last one to stand wins. Players will be able to choose from over 52 varied characters spanning diverse backgrounds, ages, and genders.

Butter Royale is now available to download on App Store for iOS devices.

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