Company of Heroes iOS Launch Delayed To Early 2020

Earlier this year in August, Feral Interactive came up with fantastic news that they will be bringing Company of Heroes on iOS. There was no exact date of release announced by the developers. However, it was clear that the game is going to be launched before the end of 2019.


Well, it turns out the Company of Heroes will not be launched in 2019. Feral Interactive has just shared this news on its official twitter handle.

We had hoped to release Company of Heroes for iPad this year, but the demands of bringing it to a smaller screen have outpaced our best efforts. However, it's looking great on iPad, and is in the final stages of development. We will have an update on it early in the new year.

Feral Interactive

But it looks like it won't take too long either, as in the same tweet, it was mentioned that Company of Heroes is looking great and is in the final stages of development. So you can expect Company of Heroes to release globally on iOS in Early 2020. (Feb-March)

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About Company of Heroes: It is considered as one of the best real-time strategy game in the gaming history. The game is based on the Second World War and it allows players to take control of the US infantry troops and is built around taking and holding checkpoints that define a certain sector. The more sectors you can take under control, the more resources you will get, which will facilitate your win over the opponents.