Rayark International's Soul Of Eden Is Available To Download In Beta Test

Hello Mobile Gamers, Rayark International Limited has launched the beta test of its mobile game 'Soul Of Eden' on Android devices. By looking at its UI design, it can be considered as another Clash Royale, but unlike that, it does not have lanes. This game takes your sensation of card games to a whole new level with its exhilarating 3D visuals and real-time strategy feature. 


According to your mana cost, you have to deploy your army at any point in time of the stage, and the units get automatically charged in the middle to attack the nearby enemy or the base. There are four unique races in the game for players to build their deck on. The races include Human, Alien, Empire, and Beast, and each of them has their unique skills.

There are six clans in the game which are all on the verge and ready for battle. The six clans are Gardis (Republic), Veritas (Empire), Turing (Machine), Juphord (Demigod), Saarn (Horde), and Lurkein (Mutant). So get ready for forming your real-time strategy in the battle between the clans and download Soul of Eden beta test from the link given below.

Click here to Download Soul of Eden Beta Test


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