Black Desert Mobile Guide - Blood Kin

In this world of Black Desert Mobile, you are not alone; you can call out your 'Blood Kin' and explore the world of BDM together. This is a unique addition to the existing social system. Try out the [Affirm Pact] function to obtain additional combat EXP boosts, and receive quests exclusive to 'Blood Kin.' You can also call your Blood Kin for help.


Table of Content

1) Sending a Request
2) Breaking a Blood Bond
3) Buffs & Quests
4) Push Notifications

Sending a Request

Go to the Main Menu and tap [Social] and go to the [Blood Kin] tab.


Tap the [+] button on the bottom left of the [Blood Kin] screen to send a request. Type in the Family Name of the Adventurer you want to add and send your request.

You can check the requests you have received on the [Received Requests] tab. You can tap [Accept]  to participate in a [Blood Kin] or tap [Decline] to decline the request.

  • A Blood Kin group can be made with a total of 3 Adventurers. If there is only 1 Adventurer left in a group, that group will be disbanded. 
  • You can send a Blood Kin request if the receiving end is not currently in a Blood Kin group themselves. 
  • If you wish to add a new member to your Blood Kin group, tapping [Accept] is required from either you or the other Adventurer in your Blood Kin. 
  • If you don’t accept a request in 7 days, the request will be automatically declined. 
  • You can receive a total of 2 Blood Kin Quests. The quests will appear on the bottom right side of your Blood Kin UI. 

Breaking a Blood Bond

You can leave a Blood Kin group whenever you want. Press the [Break Blood Bond]  button on the bottom right side of your screen and press [Confirm] to leave the [Blood Kin].


When a group is full of 3 Adventurers, the group will be maintained when 1 Adventurer chooses to leave. However, as mentioned above, when there is only 1 Adventurer left in a Blood Kin group, the group will be disbanded. 

  • When you leave from a Blood Kin group, you will not be able to accept any [Blood Kin] requests for 24 hours. 

Buffs & Quests

When two or more Adventurers that are in the same [Blood Kin] group are close enough inside the game UI, the [Affirm Pact] button will become available to activate. Press the button to receive a Combat EXP boost buff and [Blood Kin] quests. 

The percentage of EXP boost and number of quests differs based on how many [Blood Kin] group members are nearby when pressing the [Affirm Pact] button.

  • 2 Blood Kin: 3% boost of Combat EXP + Blood Kin quest x 1
  • 3 Blood Kin: 5% boost of Combat EXP + Blood Kin quest x 2

On the screenshot above, you can see that this Blood Kin group has successfully received a 3% boost of Combat EXP and a single Blood Kin quest. 

  • Receiving the buff and quests requires a single tap of the [Affirm Pact] button from any member in your Blood Kin group. (The members must be nearby in the game.)

In the same way, if three Adventurers are nearby in-game and belong in the same Blood Kin group, anyone in the group can activate the [Affirm Pact] button.

  • If two Adventurers who are in the same [Blood Kin] group activate [Affirm Pact], they will receive a Combat EXP+3% buff and a single quest. If another member of their Blood Kin joins and reactivates [Affirm Pact], the buff will increase to Combat EXP+5%. The quest that they already had will remain and an additional quest will be given.
  • Quests are given on a weekly basis and can be completed only once a week.

Push Notification

If you want a Blood Kin member to log in to the game, try sending a push notification. The push function has a “bell” icon and can be found on the bottom left of your Blood Kin screen. (the push 'bell' only appears after tapping the name of the blood kin.)

  • You can turn off the push alarm in [Settings]-[Alert].

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