Invent Your Own Vehicle In 'Machinaero', Now Available For iOS

Machinaero is all about creating new vehicles by using your creativity and implementing it so that you can explore the world. Developer Tobias Sturn created this game for the people who are really creative, and want to experience and explore the world by making new things.


It has a 2D style gameplay, but that doesn't limit it, Sturn promised that the game has a precise simulation of wind, lift, drag, pressure, temperature, and fluids. It includes five climates where you have to make a vehicle that can overcome each one of them, as seen from the trailer.

You get about 50 types of blocks that snap together so that you can create any vehicle possible like a car, helicopter, hot air balloon. Even in the trailer, the guy has made a vehicle of two wheels and just riding through the plains. You can add or modify and try out different things and choose what will be best.

You can get Machinaero from the iOS App Store.

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