PUBG Mobile Season 11 Release Date

PUBG Mobile Season 10 brought a lot of great features in the game like new TDM Map ‘The Ruins’ and new SMG Called ‘MP5K’ etc. A lot of new outfits and changes in the UI took the gaming experience on a new level. But now the time has come to experience some great new stuff in the game, as Season 10 is going to end soon, and PUBG Mobile Season 11 will be introduced in the game.


Season 10 started on 8th January 2019 and is going to end on 3rd January 2020. PUBG Mobile Season 11 will begin from 5th January 2019 and will be a new year gift for players from the developers. Just like every season, Season 11 will come up with its unique theme and will be there in the game for around two months.

If there is any pending mission in your list, complete them before the season ends. Because in the latter days it becomes hectic to complete them. Nothing has been revealed about Season 11 yet, but as always, there will be leaks, and we will try to let you know about them as soon as possible (as always). Before Season 11, PUBG Mobile is getting a 0.16.0 update on 11th December, which will bring a lot of new features in the game.

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