Garena Free Fire Developers Blog #2: Character System & Progression Adjustment

In the previous Dev Blog, information was shared about Character, Pets, and Skill Slots. In this Developers Blog, we will continue the discussion on Free Fire's Character system and brief idea about what you can expect in the next update.


Leveling up the character is challenging for players, and this task is even getting harder with the increasing number of characters in the game. So, as a solution to this problem, the developers have come up with a few adjustments which will lower your burden of leveling up characters and make it easy.

1. Change on Character Fragments

The developers are reducing the total amount of fragments needed to reach the maximum level of character by around 20%. A cut down would be made in the fragments required for the higher levels because the developers have noticed that most of the players get stuck at level 6~7 because then occurs a sudden need of fragments needed in the later levels.

2. Increase in the Daily Limit of Character Fragments

The daily limit for character fragments would be increased from 100 fragments per character to 250 fragments. So by playing the game, players should be able to reliably level up their character and invest enough time into their favorite characters.

3. Leveling Cost

The cost of diamond and gold to level up character will be lowered by nearly half. So the players would be able to spend on their favorite items and necessities such as loadout, without hesitation.

4. Character Skill Slots

A 4th character skill slot will be added, and the cost needed to unlock each slot is also getting decreased. Now the players will be able to do experiment with their favorite skills on a wide variety of characters. Due to the investment of skill slots, this also makes it less likely for players to stick to a particular character as their base character.

So that's it for this time. You can also use the hashtag #AskFFDev for any questions and suggestions related to Free Fire.

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