Last Pirate: Survival Island Is A First-Person Survival Available For Android And iOS

RetroStyle Games have released their new title 'Last Pirate: Survival Island' based on survival. Your ship has been wrecked; all your fellow pirates are dead, and now you have to explore the island and survive from zombies and skeletons and hunt for animals. Here is the first look of this game:


You play as a typical pirate where you will depend mostly on the other hand, for hunting animals or killing zombies and other skeletons. Also, you need to gather food to learn fishing and create shelter by cutting trees and stuff.

To craft weapons and tools, you need to kill animals for their skins or bones. The night is where you have to be most alert because that is the time when the dead beings come alive, and you need to stop them in order to save yourself.

It's a first-person survival game that is inspired by PC and console games like Rust and Sea of Thieves. Last Pirate: Survival Island is available on Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

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