Time reversal is a free to play turn by turn strategy role-playing game developed by Moon dance. A relatively new developer in the market, but never the less have surprised me with their entry game, the one I'll be reviewing today: Time Reversal.


Time reversal has a compelling storyline with original characters, which makes the game very enjoyable. It is a very well rounded up a game with equal parts of proper game mechanics and animation, which makes me highly recommend this game for RPG lovers.


Players can collect up to 149 companions, which makes the game very modular and gives each play a unique style to adapt and play. Another aspect of the game is Skill combinations, looking for endless possibilities. The strong bond between partners allows them to unleash special effects on the battlefield, changing the situation, and ready to fire.

The does a great job giving you a sense of growth. Exploring new skills and strategies, like any RPG game, has been done beautifully in this game.

But I think the voice acting in the story has stolen the spotlight of this game. Time reversal is one of the very few games that I encountered this year with voice acting, this one is one of them, and I must say they have done an excellent job, most of the voice acting is in Japanese. But if you are someone who enjoys anime or Japanese show, you will surely enjoy this game. The only drawback I feel this has is that there are no subtitles for any cut scenes.

There is also very little attention towards In-App purchases, which is a great addition, as you can spend more time playing the actual game rather than waiting for items to unlock and getting pop-ups always to make purchases.

The User Interface is impressive, looks like a lot of effort and time has been invested in this game to make it looks how it looks, and add the small details that significantly improve the overall aesthetics of the game.

The game also includes two more modes other than the 'Story Mode' that is LOUISE's Trial and an enjoyable chaos mode. These additions are appreciated as it gives the player now has many modes to choose from, in a condition where he/she is bored by one. TIME REVERSAL is available to download on Google Play Store.