Korean – Made RPG ‘Dungeon and Goddess’ Is Now Available On Play Store

Dungeon and Goddess is an RPG style game where you build a deck of heroes and battle them against five fallen archangels into singleplayer and multiplayer battles.


You get to collect over 150 heroes, each having its unique powers belonging to six different elemental types, which include Fire, water, electricity, and wind. That means you have to choose the power strategically, which will destabilize the other element, just like rock-paper-scissor. It might take some time to crack the strategy and lose your enemy.

So you will have to keep in mind not only the sole power of the hero but also the elemental power which gives an edge in the battle. Since it’s from South Korean studios Nadiasoft, it has an anime-like art style, so if you are a fan of anime, this might be the one for you. Plus, you get to battle in a 2d environment.

As of now, the game is only available for android users on Play Store.

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