'Durango: Wild Lands' By Nexon Is Shutting Down!

Durango: Wild Lands is an MMORPG game published by Nexon Company, where you play one of the survivors of a strange incident that has transported tons of normal people to an unknown world teeming with dinosaurs. In this primitive world, you have to build tools, hunt dinosaurs, collect herbs, cook, and more.

The official Facebook Fan page of the game has suddenly announced that Durango: Wild Lands will shut down its services on 18th December 2019 for once and all. Well, the reason is still unknown why the game is being taken back, but it's going back for sure.


So if you want to try the game before it's done for once and all, head straight to Google Playstore or Apple Appstore to download Durango: Wild Lands and play for the last few left days. 

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