Car Alien - 3vs3 Battle Is Available for Pre-Registration

Hello Mobile Gamers, ONESOFT has started taking pre-registrations of its mobile game 'Car Alien - 3vs3 Battle' on Android devices. In this game, your aim is to control your car and destroy the enemies to get the glorious victory. It is claimed to be the most fascinating game title on smartphones in 2019. Before that have a look at Car Alien - 3vs3 Battle trailer below.


There are over 20 cars available in Car Alien with their special skill set in correlation with 1 in 5 platonic role of MOBA Esports such as assassin, assistance, blows parrying, antipersonnel ability and effects for players to choose from. There are 3v3 battles in which you require to possess skills such as moving, precisely manipulating, evading, etc. to win.

The control system of Car Alien is quite simple, from the left side of the screen you can control the movement of your character and from the right side of the screen, you can give gruel, utilizing and AI target assistance for the close by enemies. You can take part in the Single Play Mode in which the highest scorer becomes the winner and can also play Team Match in which you can play 3vs3 battles along with your friends. Kepp yourself for entering in the Blazing Arena and Pre-Register for Car Alien - 3vs3 Battle.

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