Murderous Pursuits First Beta Test is Live: Download Now

Hello Mobile Gamers, NetEase Games has started the first beta test of its new mobile game ‘Murderous Pursuits’ on Android devices in the two countries Canada and Thailand.


The test period of Murderous Pursuits is September 19th, 7 PM to September 29th, 9 AM in Canada(PDT) and from September 20th, 9 AM to September 29th, 11 PM in Thailand (GMT+7). The developers have mentioned that based on the feedback from this beta test they will be optimizing the game and will prepare to release it in more regions in the future. And one thing to note is, all the data will be cleared at the end of the beta test.

In Murderous Pursuits, you are in a Victorian styled time-traveling airship with seven other players. Now you all are supposed to kill each other in the daring daylight without raising suspicion. There is one Mr. X, who will assign you the targets to track down and kill. Always keep in mind, you are not the only one who is going to kill others, the other players are also there to kill you, so do not forget to keep an eye on your back. So get ready to complete some mysterious missions and download Murderous Pursuits Beta Version from the link given below.

Click here to Download Murderous Pursuits Beta Version

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