Bottle Flip 3D Game Review

Developed by Tastypill Bootle Flip 3D is a casual game. Where you have to play with the bottle in a 3D room. Make the bottle jump and flip. There are more than ten bottles to unlock. The game has an in-app purchase option. It runs both online and offline. It is recommended to play in offline mode to escape from head-heating ads. It is available for both Android and iOS devices. Let’s get deep into this flipping bottle game review to know if it is worth to play or not.

The game goal is simply to flip the bottle and reach to the final point. Tap on the screen to flip and jump the bottle from various objects in the room to reach the final point without falling it on the ground. But the game is not as easy as it sounds, the objects on which bottle lands are tippy and the maximum two times bottle could be flipped. At the end of successfully passed the level, you will be rewarded by gems which you use to unlock bottles. There is no progress save-option so if the bottle fell on the ground you have to restart the level. There is no time limit so you can take as long as you want. It has a VIP Access with a weekly subscription where you will get rare bottles, no ads option.

The graphic is good with its bright colors and so is the sound effects. There are not some excellent 3D graphics but an ideal for such kind of arcade game. Giving objects shadowy look and different kind of effects to make the room look real. The effort which could be praised but not enjoyed. The game is set in different rooms with different obstacles. Although, after crossing some level the room becomes repetitive but the obstacles place always keeps on changing. Well, the use of gems is not much it only helps in unlocking random bottles. To get VIP bottles you have to buy VIP pack and that too on a weekly basis which I didn’t find convincing that too for such game. It is fun and easy to play but I didn’t find it much addictive. Controls of the game are also easy, as all you have to do is tap-tap on the screen to flip the bottle. 

There are also lots of gems which could also be earned by watching ads. But better, don’t dare to open your data if playing this as it will load you with lots of ads finally making you shut the game. As there is no option to save the game, it will start at whichever level it wants even if you made the progress last time. 

Overall, the game is fine. Depending on your tastes the game might become fun but nothing more than that. You also have to use your mind to calculate the distance and fast enough to not stay at one object for a long time. In the beginning, obstacles look all right but as passing levels it becomes repetitive and if the bottle gets stuck at some level then it feels like quitting there only. There are infinite levels which are more its negative side than pros. Bottle Fip 3D is available to download on Google Play Store & iOS App Store