Top 5 Paid Mobile Games - You Should Try in 2019

We all love to play the mobile games for free, but for someone who is a true admirer and appreciator of the game will pay money to play the full feature game. Paid games offer many advantages. First and foremost, you can play without any advertisement interruption. Secondly, in most of the paid games, once you pay there are no further in-app purchases. Today, we are discussing the Top 5 Paid Mobile Games that you should play in 2019. 


Hitman Sniper 

Initially released as a PC game, Hitman Sniper developed by Square Enix is one of the top paid gun shooting games adored by the gamers around the world. At present, it is available to play at a nominal rate of 30 INR. In this game, you get to step in the shoes of Agent 47 and explore the various challenging missions. Play the tactical mission in Montenegro, and survivor challenge in Death Valley. With more than 150 missions and 10 different contracts, you get access to 16 unique guns. You can compete amongst your friends to secure the first place on the leaderboard. The music, the graphics, and, the challenging environment makes the game very realistic. Hitman Sniper is a masterpiece that you should be playing before trying other games. You can buy Hitman Sniper from the Google Play Store or iOS App Store.

Bike Mayhem Mountain Racing

Bike Mayhem Mountain Racing which has been developed by Best Free Games Inc. is one of the cheapest downhill mountain bike racing game you can install by just paying 10 INR. You get to race down the beautiful trails by dashing over rocks. Boost the huge jumps and show some awesome tricks to unlock better bikes and gear. The game has incorporated real-world location. You can take your bike to 9 different mountains and more than100 trails. This game features more than 80 gear items for your rider and MTB bike. Bike Mayhem Mountain Racing is a game inspired by the famous Motocross games, and you will enjoy playing this game in your free time. You can buy Bike Mayhem Mountain Racing from Google Play Store or iOS App Store.

The Sun: Origin

The Sun: Origin, developed by AGaming+ is one of the best survival action games which is available to download at just 20 INR. The storyline of the game is simply amazing. In the year 2050, the sun exploded and plunged the civilization in grave danger. Many prior warnings were provided but they were not taken seriously due to the petty political issues about the land. Deadly waves soon struck the earth, and the radioactive matter took everyone’s life. Only those who took the warning seriously survived in the bunkers. The survivors were forced to come out of the bunker when food and water were scarce. There are still a few regions that have clean water and supply, but they are ruled by the evil warlords. Your journey as a brave warrior is to survive each day and progress ahead by taking the supplies from the enemies. The Sun: Origin will give you the realistic experience of how things can turn out in the future due to such catastrophic destruction. You can buy The Sun: Origin from Google Play Store or iOS App Store.

Grand Thief Auto: San Andreas 

Just in case if you don’t know, your favorite GTA game, GTA: San Andreas developed by Rockstar Games is available to play on mobile for around 182 INR. Various version of GTA has come but nothing can replace San Andreas. In this game, you’re Carl, who is on a mission killing people and looting their stuff. You can almost do anything in this game. You can drive a car, ride a bike, fly an aircraft, swim across the ocean, and even use jetpacks. All the great graphics that you see in other games today are the result of GTA series developed by Rockstar Games. You can buy GTA: San Andreas from Google Play Store or iOS App Store.

Need for Speed Most Wanted

Do you remember playing the Need for Speed on your Computers which you used to play in childhood? Now, you can even play this game on mobile. Need for Speed Most Wanted which has been developed by Electronic Arts is available to download at 399 INR and promises to give you the same experience. As the tagline says: Make Trouble Get Wanted. Race along with the hot cars like SRT Viper GTS, Porsche 911 Carrera S, Hummer H1 Alpha, until the police chase you. Earn speed points to unlock new cars, and customize the cars as per your wish. Needless to say, this game has the best graphics amongst all racing games. And since it is developed by EA Sports, it is an addictive game. You can buy Need for Speed Most Wanted from Google Play Store or iOS App Store.

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