Idle City Building Tycoon is Available for Pre-Registration

Hello Mobile Gamers, Hypematsers Inc. has started taking pre-registrations of its new mobile game ‘Idle City Building Tycoon’ on Android devices. This is an idle simulation mobile game where you are the ultimate architecture. You build, upgrade and expand your city and after making enough cash from that you move to the next city to explore it. You can pre-register for City Building Tycoon.


In Idle City Building Tycoon, each building has its unique qualities and the way you invest also affects the things to happen in your city. It is up to you to make a city of your choice, you can build a balanced city full of restaurants, hotels, and houses, or you can even choose to make a city full of Restaurants. It is also up to you that you want to create the richest city or the most fun city.

In Idle City Building Tycoon, you can also unlock new buildings by completing some simple puzzles. The best thing about the game is even if you are not playing the game you will still be earning the idle profit. Always look forward to increase your staff who can help you in your work honestly. So get ready to become the richest, the most creative architect of all times and pre-register for Idle City Building Tycoon.

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