Download Stomped! on Android and iOS

Hello Mobile Gamers, Noodlecake Studios Inc. has released its new mobile game 'Stomped!' for both Android and iOS devices. Stomped! combines best parts of the snowboarding and skateboarding into one premium package. There are beautiful mountain landscapes and non-slide across stormy peaks in which you have to carve your way and kickflip over the deadly chasms. You can download Stomped! from the link given at the end of this post. Before that have a look of Stomped! trailer below.


Stomped! offers to you insane tricks like Flicks, grind & grabs as you have never seen before. There are 36 thrilling levels across 6 extraordinary mountains which are intricately designed full of unique elements to keep things fresh on every run. You have to clear 9 challenges per level to become a master of the slopes. Also, it offers you 6 characters, which you can choose to ride your bike in the style that suits you.

Stomped! has the revolutionary swipe control system which has been perfectly designed for mobile devices. There is a combo-based score system which means by keeping the flow and chaining together massive tricks you can score max. So are you ready to experience stomped features dynamic lightning and weather? If you are, then download Stomped! from the link given below on your Android and iOS device.

Click here to Download on Android

Click here to Download on iOS

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