Feral Interactive Is Bringing Company of Heroes to iPad

Feral Interactive has recently announced quite a lot of upcoming Mobile games. And recently on its official twitter page, they have just announced that it will be porting Company of Heroes to iPad next.


For the Players unaware let us tell you that Company of Heroes is considered as one of the best real-time strategy game in the gaming history. The game is based on the Second World War and it allows players to take control of the US infantry troops and is built around taking and holding checkpoints that define a certain sector. The more sectors you can take under control, the more resources you will get, which will facilitate your win over the opponents.

Talking about the release date of Company of Heroes on iPad, no official date has been announced by Feral Interactive, however, if we were to take a guess, we will say you might get to play Company of heroes on your iPad before the end of this year.