Pascal’s Wager is now available on Android!

Rejoice! Pascal’s Wager: Annunciation is finally out on Android. Releasing today June 25th, 2020, players have been eagerly waiting for this ever since its release on the iOS platform. The single-player action role-playing game will be available to purchase at $3.99USD at launch, however, for a limited period of time.


Players will also have access to the “The Heroic Herald” outfit for Terrence available to purchase for $0.99USD, as well as “The Deep into the Dark Mist “DLC for $0.99USD. For those who are planning to get the game early, there is a bonus for the – early buyers for the Android version will receive “The Heroic Herald” outfit at no extra cost.

The game was delayed due to the ongoing pandemic COVID-19. The development of Pascal’s Wager was affected but the TipWorks team decided to delay the release for a more refined and polished game.

Based on an argument by a 17th – century philosopher, Blaise Pascal, who argued that humans bet with their lives that God either exists or does not. Following in this theme the game is set in a mist ridden dark world; the atmosphere is dim and mysterious. You will fight as Terrance a courier who was banished by the Church for transgressions he must recompense for. He has stumbled upon clues related to the Colossus. Your journey begins to unravel this mystery and face the perils that block your quest.

The games promise cutting-edge graphics in any game found on mobile. The lighting and shadows are by far the most realistic we’ve seen so far. The game spans across eight chapters with excellent voice acting, brilliant sound design, and marvelous music provided by a full orchestra. The game plays with touch controls however controller support is available and is recommended by the Giant the studio that owns TipWorks who developed the game.

The game has no microtransactions or ads, and it will have post-launch downloadable content as well PvP (Player-vs-Player) multiplayer modes in the future. Available both for Android and iOS.