Download "Barbarian Wars: A Hero Idle Merger Game" by PiG Corp

Hello Mobile Gamers, PiG Corp. has released its new mobile game Barbarian Wars: A Hero Idle Merger Game. Barbarian Wars is an idle Merger Role Playing Game (RPG) which is available on both Android and iOS devices. Have a look of the Barbarian Wars Game Trailer below.


In Barbarian Wars: A Hero Idle Merger Game there are 30 different kinds of heroes available to collect and power up them. You can even create your own heroes with the easy mechanics, such as; Warrior + Warrior = Wizard. There are three types of chests available in the game; basic, rare and legendary chests, from which you can receive various items, Minions, Gears, Gems, and Diamonds. There are many powerful minions also available such as Phoenix, Titan, Dragon, and Odin.

In Barbarian Wars: A Hero Idle Merger Game you start from the Bronze Rank then as your skills develop you keep on Moving forward towards, Platinum, then Master and so on. The best thing is the game does not stop while you are offline, your heroes will still be battling while you are away.

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