Dead By Daylight Mobile Beta Version Released in Ireland And New Zealand

Hello Dead By Daylight Mobile Fans, as you must have been already been aware that Dead By daylight Mobile game is currently running in Beta Phase. Currently, the Beta Version of Dead By Daylight was available in only 4 countries, namely Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland. But recently the Beta has been extended to two more countries namely, New Zealand and Ireland.


Now the players residing in these 6 Countries can simply download and enjoy the game. However, if you are not living in any of these countries then what? Don’t worry you can simply download the APK of Dead By Daylight Mobile game and enjoy playing, you don’t even require a VPN.

Click Here to Download Dead by Daylight Mobile

Lastly talking about the release date of Dead By Daylight Mobile, it has been stated by the developers that the game will globally release before the end of this year, but exactly when is still not known.