Elune is Now Available to Download

Elune is a brand new RPG game developed by GameDevil. In Elune Mobile Game you experience the world of multiple dimensions and hunt the monsters. There is a total of 7 dimensions to experience each with the unique enemies and bosses, which takes it to the intense combats.

In this game, you play as an Elune, who is a hero whose job is to maintain justice and to restore peace and order to the dimension you are traveling through


Elune is a good RPG where you can call upon over 200 different characters to join your adventure. It's a title where you can level up your characters, as well as customize them however you want with the equipment you earn as you go.

Elune Gameplay

You Can Now, Download and Play Elune from TapTap Store or you can wait for the official release of the game, which is 23rd July and then Download it from Apple Appstore or Google Playstore.