Will Soon Get A Mobile Version

You Probably have played, it is a 3D browser Frist Person Shooter which everyone who ever tried has fallen in love with. is developed by Sidney de Vries and Vincent de Vries and is one of the most played browser games at present.

The game features various game modes - Free For All, Team Death Match, Capture the Flag, and many more. Moving further the game features various classes which you can choose from before the start of the match, each class has a unique weapon such as Sniper, Rifle, Rocket Launcher, etc., You can even use your hands to kill your enemies by punching (which is my personal favourite :P).

ADVERTISEMENT also has a huge number of maps, making each match a new experience for you. You as a player are also allowed to create as well as play on Community developed maps.

Now today, we have a piece of great news for all the Krunker Fans- Soon you guys will be able to play on the go.


Mobile Mode Gaming Reached out to the developers of the game and they have confirmed to us, that yes, Krunker's Mobile Version is currently in development and the gameplay is going to be exactly like its PC version. However, the controls might be a little different as you know putting so much stuff on a small screen is not an easy job.

Unfortunately, when asked about the Expected Release date of Krunker Mobile Version, the developers stated that 'there is no date of release yet', However, if we were to take a guess we would say, you can expect the game on your smartphone around end 2020. Meanwhile, you can head on to to try out the PC version of the game.