Pre-Registration for ‘New GunBound’ has just Begun

Do you remember the old fun Gunbound game which was released way back in 2003? If yes, I am pretty sure you will be super excited to hear that a modern version of the game with the title ‘New GunBound‘ is making its way on your Mobile devices and will be globally released soon. New GunBound is developed by Softnyx and published by Electronic Extreme.


The Pre-Registration for the New GunBound Mobile Game has already begun and you can Pre-Register for it by Visiting its official website.

By Pre-Registering for the ‘New GunBound’ game developers have promised to give you in-Game items worth over 60 USD and they will also select some users to try out the closed beta version of the game. After that, they also plan to release a Public Beta of the game.

When is the official release date of New GunBound Mobile Game? We have no idea, as no official commitment has been made by the company. However, what we know is that Limited Beta will launch by the end of July. Thus considering this we can expect the Global beta somewhere in August and final global release of the game somewhere in the winters of 2019.