Chess Rush Review – The Best Auto Chess Game on Mobile?

Tencent has jumped into the Auto-Battler with its brand new game ‘Chess Rush‘. For the people who don’t know lets us tell you that Chess Rush is an Auto Chess Game. It is a Real-Time strategic duel game that is inspired by Dota Auto Chess. In the game, you get to face other online players during a number of very peculiar battles.


What is the Uniqueness of this Auto Chess Game is the Turbo Mode, the battles in Chess Rush last only 10-15 Minutes, which is best suited for Mobile Gamers. What Impressed me the most is that even though Tencent has tried to Convert a 40 Min battle into 10 Min Battle, they have not compromised with the gameplay at any point. Chess Rush still provided you the same experience, just a little fast-paced. And It’s also very important to note that Chess Rush has No Pay to Win elements.

The combat mechanism is Chess rush is very simple. The combats are divided into two phases; 1) You get money to buy new armies and place them on the battlefield. 2) Now you get to witness the epic battle, and depending on its result you earn coins which you can use to buy new troops or upgrade the one you already have. In the end, the player with the most points is crowned the winner.

Putting it into very Simple words – Chess Rush is the best Game in the genre you can play on your Smartphone.

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Chess Rush offers you more than 50 unique heroes, each with its own special features and skills. The game lets you create synergies with your heroes, so you have to learn how to combine them if you want to win the battle. Another important thing to remember is that you can fuse a hero if you get three of the same type and convert them into a more powerful unit.

If now, Chess Rush sounds like a Game made for you, Then let us tell you that’s its officially out and you can Download it now from Playstore and Appstore. Download Now!