PUBG Mobile has Introduced the 2019 Edition of PUBG Mobile Star Challenge (PMSC)

Hello PUBG Mobile players, as PUBG Mobile was released in 2018, and the first ever official tournament by the PUBG Mobile developers was “PUBG Mobile Star Challenge 2018“. PMSC 2018 was a great success for the developers after that they conducted a lot of more tournaments all over the globe. After PMSC 2018 great success, PUBG Mobile developers are here with PUBG Mobile Star Challenge (PMSC) 2019 edition.


In PMSC 2018, at the starting phase there were in-game qualifiers, followed by online Semi-Finals, which were followed by the global finals. But this here is a bad news for the players who wants to take part in the tournament, that in PMSC 2019 not everyone can take part, but not to worry there is an another tournament which is also being organised by the PUBG Mobile developers also with the prize pool of 15M INR for which you can register by going at the link given at the end of the article.

IN PMSC 2019, the organizers have selected the 32 Gaming Creatord, which have been selected on the basis of their YouTube Channel names, are: Dynamo Gaming, Alice MG, Kronten Gaming, The RawKnee Games, GodNixon gaming, Ken Boo, Rollexxx, softpomz, Dita Afifah N, PUBG Mobile ARXY, RAHMAD, KisiL, Tsuki, Clash Universe, Gareebooo, PUBG Mobile NIKITANGA, Ankkita C, GOGOGOY, EVOS BulShark, Kho Petra, Derek G, SANOOK SUPERPLAY, and Frame Play (rest 9 content creators have their youTube channel names in language other than English, that’s why not provided here).

On the PUBG Mobile official website these Content Creators have been divided into 7 groups for the purpose of the voting. So in PMSC 2019 everyone of us can vote for your favorite content creator to make him reach in the next round. You can cast two votes from one google account, both the votes can be cast to the same YouTuber as well.

Click here to Cast Vote for your Favorite Content Creator

You need to sign in to your Google Account to cast the vote. The voting period is from 1 July, 2019 to 7 July, 2019. After the voting will end on 7th July, on the 8th of July the names of Top 16 content creators will be announced, who will advance to the next round. After the announcement of Top 16 content creators on 11th July, 2019 voting will start for the PMSC 2019 Most Popular Title, which will run until the day of finals in Taipei on Sept. 8. The content creator with the most votes will receive the title of PMSC 2019 Most Popular Title.

In addition to the Content Creators, in PMSC 2019 there will be 48 other professional gamers, who will be teaming up with the YouTubers for the live finals in Taipei on September 7 and 8. The PMSC 2019 has a prize pool of $250,000, which will be split among the top 16 squads. The first-place team will be rewarded with $100,000, Second place team will be rewarded with $50,000 and $25,000 will be rewarded to third-place squad.

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