Everything You Need To Know About 'Pokémon Masters' Game!

Hello Pokemon Fans, Recently a Live-Stream was held at 'The Official Pokémon YouTube channel' in which the Company shared important information about the Upcoming Pokemon Mobile game, which is named 'Pokemon Masters'. The Game is currently in development and is being developed by DeNA and The Pokémon Company. Today in this post we are going to share with you all the information about Pokemon Masters Mobile Game. So let's begin:

'Pokemon Masters' Mobile Game Complete Details:

Yu Sasaki, an employee of DeNA and Producer of Pokemon Masters Game shared in the official Pokemon live-stream video that the Game is built on an artificial island called 'PASIO', which is somewhere in the world of Pokemon.


1. Gameplay

In the Game, the Pokemon Trainers are aiming to become the champion of a tournament called the Pokemon masters league, which is being held in PASIO. In Pokemon Masters Mobile Game every trainer will have single Pokemon which travels around with them as their partner.

Pokemon Masters Animated Official Trailer

2. SYNC Pair

This Trainer-Pokemon duo will be called as 'SYNC Pair' in the game. Through the story the player will meet trainers who have appeared in the Past Pokemon Video Games and form a team with other SYNC pair and to Qualify for the Pokemon Masters League, they all will go on an adventure collecting badges along the way.

3. Real Time 3 vs 3 Battles

The unique thing about Pokemon Battles in this Pokemon Master Game is that they are 3 vs 3 team battles in Real-Time, Player unleash attack as quickly as possible by using the move-gauge, which fills as the time passes. Not only this, but there will be Special moves in the battle called SYNC Moves. which makes the battle as whole lot more exciting.

Pokemon Masters official Live-Stream

4. Trainer and Pokemon Both Use Moves

Another Special feature of this game is that pokemons are not the only one using moves, the trainer uses them too, the trainer provides support in the battle by using moves that heal pokemon or raise their stats.

Pokemon Masters Mobile game allows you to make your own dream team with trainers in the past Pokemon Games and try to become Champion

5. Release Date

However no exact release date has been announced by the Developers of Pokemon Master Yet, however, they did tell that the game will come somewhere in Summer 2019. You can Read Exactly when here.


Lastly, Make sure to follow Mobile mode gaming for upcoming Pokemon Masters Mobile game update, or you can follow the official website of the game too.