‘Void Tyrant’ a Sci-Fi Card RPG Game is Releasing This Week

Void Tyrant: Eyes of Chronos‘ is the recent creation of Armor Studios. It is a hybrid card strategy and RPG game. In the game, you will find yourself tasked with journeying beyond the stars to gain entry to the Chaos Pyramid and restore the Eyes of Chronos. But it is not going to be so easy. You have to choose your hero, out of the many powerful classes and search distant planets as you keep travelling and battling enemies.


There are many Card-Based RPGs game out in the market which all have a similar way of attacking your enemy. However, in Void Tyrant, combat is more to do with a blackjack type of system. Each card in the game has a certain value, the goal is to get a combined total of 12. The one who is closer to 12 at the end of the round is the only one to damage the opponent.

Void Tyrant is expected to release on this Thursday 27th June 2019, for more updates you can follow the Offical Website of the Game.